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Role of the Second

Role of the Second

Our collective view of the important role the second plays in the SOZO ministry at Calvary is as follows:


  • Room set-up

    • Heater

    • Tissues

    • Water

    • Glasses

    • Forms (experience, ministry, follow-up)

  • PRAY – shift the atmosphere

  • Warmly welcome the sozo-ee

    • Application & consent forms


  • Ensure the application & consent form is signed

  • PRAY

  • Take notes:

    • The sozo-ee’s goal – from the application form or as expressed (remind the 1st if not dealt with by the end)

    • Record God’s love messages

    • Check that doors get closed before the end of the session (any that were opened)

  • Test your discernment – what questions / approaches / issues? If the 1st seems not to be tracking in the same way, then give her/him a separate note with your suggestions


  • PRAY a blessing for the sozo-ee weaving together God’s words of encouragement

  • Brush off


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