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Calvary is such an easy place to be - to worship, to learn, to be a part of - wherever you are at in your walk with God. When you walk through the doors, you will be met with the smiling faces of people in many ages and stages of life and you will also be met with God's presence. “I felt such peace as soon as I came in.” and “You can just sense that God is near.” are comments we hear often at Calvary.  We value helping people encounter the presence of God.


We believe that God is GOOD and that He wants to show us His goodness - from everyday moments to miraculous healings! God's goodness is all around and when we gather, we celebrate that goodness.


We are a church that desires to live out our faith in real ways and values the gifts and callings we each have. We know God wants us to help bring his intent for his world (on earth as in heaven). As a result, we seek to raise up powerful people for God’s Kingdom - and that looks different for each person! We want to be a church that helps launch people into their relationship with Jesus and commission them to impact the world.


We would love to worship and learn with you! Please join us.


Restored to Restore – God is not only working in all we do to help people renew their relationship with God, but to find healing and help in their relationships as well. And, as we find ourselves restored, God uses us to help others find the same.

Equipped to Equip – God is working to develop our abilities and gifts: growing in our ability to connect with God in prayer, scripture reading, and through each other. And God is launching us into ministering to others in and outside Calvary. The beautiful thing is that God sends us out while we’re learning, growing and healing up: in fact, our risking giving of what we have helps us grow in love, in being restored, and in being equipped!

Loved to Love – As we grow closer to the Father, receiving more and more of God’s love and mercy, we become able to show that same love to others.  The imprint of God’s love on us shows in lots of different ways: from welcoming strangers, sensing God’s heart for a need or a person we come across, or a calling to get involved in one of our ministries: children, youth, missions, worship, serving behind the scenes can all reflect an overflow of God’s love.

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