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Prophetic Prayer


Book an appointment with our team and let us partner with you in speaking what God is saying over you. These 10-15 min sessions will seek to ignite purpose, hope, and identity through the gift of prophecy.

Each month we will have a few dates set aside for these sessions.  If you need to request an alternative date, please call the church office or email  

We are excited to launch this new ministry opportunity and we thank you for stepping into it with us! 


Please start by filling out the simple online form below and we'll line up a time for you!  If you prefer you can call the office or email 

*Note: The sessions will be approximately 10-15mins in length.

We will follow up and confirm your specific time slot.

Prophetic Prayer Times For This Month

*you will be assigned a 10 min time frame.


Please note if you would like:

  • Daytime or Evening

  • In-Person or Online

Sign Up for Prophetic Prayer

Hear God's Heart Declared Over You!

Meeting Venue

Thanks for registering. We will connect with you with a specific time!

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