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God made us to lean on Him and lean on each other - it’s how we’re wired. And reaching out is especially important if you’re in a season of change, of challenge or just needing some calm in the midst.

Calvary’s pastoral team loves to come alongside people to support, listen and offer help as needed. And we have teams to pray with you, the SOZO ministry to help you hear from God and receive his care, healing and freedom. And, we partner with By Peaceful Waters to offer counselling support as you sort through things.

Help to lean on God and people to support and walk with you so you don’t have to do this alone.

Connect With A Pastor or Ministry Staff

Please contact us if you would like to connect personally with one of our pastors or ministry staff person.  You can call the office or contact the staff directly.  We will get back to you to arrange a time to meet.

Prayer Ministry

We would love that chance to pray for you!  During & after our Sunday worship services we provide opportunities to receive prayer or a blessing.  In addition, our monthly Encounter worship services also include time and space to receive prayer.  


If you are unable to attend in person and/or need prayer support during the week you are invited to email

We can intercede with you for your prayer request and/or arrange a time to connect (online or phone call) to pray for you together! Share your prayer need and a preferred follow up preference (phone? email? or simply sharing. request).  These requests will not be shared outside of the prayer ministry team. 


SOZO Prayer Ministry

Sozo (saved, healed, delivered) is a unique prayer ministry for those looking for a more in-depth time of prayer. The aim is to quickly get to the root of those things hindering you from a closeness with God. Click here to learn more.

Prophetic Prayer Ministry

Book an appointment with our team and let us partner with you in speaking what God is saying over you. These 10-15 min sessions will seek to ignite purpose, hope, and identity through the gift of prophecy. Click here to learn more. 

Prayer Groups

Prayer is essential to the life of Calvary.  Prayer is both talking to God and listening from God.  Calvary offers many opportunities for people to gather together in prayer. Everyone is welcome to attend a prayer group at any time. 

Thursday morning prayer group - 6:30AM 

Midweek worship & prayer ("MORE") happen on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 pm on our church facebook page, via "Facebook Live." 

Contact: Drew

Senior Care

The church likes to keep connected with those in their senior years who are now in long-term care facility or have conditions that keep them from taking part in the regular life of the church family. The team also visits those who are more isolated because of family living far away. If you have even just one hour a week to stop by and brighten someone’s day, please let us put you in touch with someone. Please contact us if you would like to participate on the pastoral care team, or if you know of someone who would benefit from the pastoral care team.


By Peaceful Waters Counselling

By Peaceful Waters offers comprehensive counselling services for individuals, couples, families and groups. Click here to learn more.

Meals Ministry

A practical way for the church family to show concern and care is to provide meals to people who could use a helping hand after surgery, a new baby or other life event.  If you are able to donate a freezer meal, or a fresh meal to a family or if you know of anyone in need of this ministry, please contact us.

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