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Calvary Feedback Survey

In the midst of our resting this summer, we are also busy planning! We are making plans for the coming year - plans to encounter Jesus - to encourage one another and to love and serve others. In order for us to do this well, we want to reach out and find out where you are at.


After the past few years of constant changes, like many places in society, Calvary is in a season of reconnecting and rebuilding.  While our calling and vision as a church hasn’t changed, we recognize the way we’ve done some things has shifted and every family has made different choices about how to connect with church.  For this reason, we want to reach out and check in with you!  


Please take a minute over the next couple weeks to fill out this very short survey. You can fill it out as a household unit or fill it out as individuals.  Please return by the end of August.  

NOTE: The "ENTER" key will submit this form.  To move between questions please click or use "Tab". Press "ENTER" when you are ready to submit this form!

What best describes your current relationship with Calvary?

If you indicated options 1-3 on the above question,

please let us know your thoughts on the following questions.

What best describes your primary engagement platform at Calvary

What  things that will help you engage more at Calvary in regard to…

Thank you for your time and feedback! 

Calvary Leadership

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