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Cemetery Committee Update

DID YOU KNOW?....... that we have had two longtime members after 20+ years (wow) retire from volunteering on the committee to look after Calvary cemetery. Keith Martin & Bill Schenkel kept records, looked after cemetery maintenance, paid bills, and helped plan for grave sales & burials.

We thank you & salute you for your behind the scenes labour of love.

Gary Melitzer has worked behind the scenes helping on both the cemetery & property committee. This year Dave McKay has also volunteered time on the cemetery committee & the property committee with Dale Schieck & Gary. Dave has also spent time on maintenance on the church lawnmower. These guys have made an efficient team to look after these areas.

DID YOU KNOW?....that this summer Gary & Dave & John McKay spent hours keeping the church & cemetery lawn mowed as well as Hillside cemetery near Heidelberg. There was also a day of work to fill in topsoil & grass seed on some of the graves. Gary has faithfully marked graves for burials & locations for memorial stones to be placed.

So thankful for all their work behind the does not go unnoticed!!

Thank you!!

I myself am new to keeping cemetery maps updated, selling grave sites, paying bills, keeping financial records for Calvary cemetery along with Terry Smith. When people purchase plots they pay a care & maintenance fee to help with costs to maintain the cemetery. There are families with loved ones buried there that make ongoing donations.

Currently I am researching the cost of a Columbarium, a place for cremation burials as a future need.

If you have any questions or wish to help cover cemetery costs, donations marked to "Calvary United Church Cemetery" are always welcome. You can contact us....

Sharon McKay for the committee, Gary Meltzer, Dave McKay, Terry Smith


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