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Family Gatherings


As followers of Jesus, we long to seek God for His solution to situations.  And as a church family, we long to do that together. As we face some significant challenges and shortfalls in our finances (particularly in our capital fund to meet some building needs), we have been reminded that we want to truly (partner with God - putting into practice what we have been hearing and learning about prayer, fasting, scripture) - and seek God as we journey together for strategy, solution, and His answers and provisions.

To hear more about the heart of this, check out Cathy's sharing here  and Janine sharing here 

There are a few ways we are going to be inviting and encouraging our church family to step into this as a family.

PRAYER - We know that our prayers are powerful and effective! Both together as a church and in our individual times with the Lord, we are called to pray.


Questions to reflect on...

  • What is God's solution to Calvary's capital needs?

  • How is He asking me to respond?

Resources on prayer and intercession:

FASTING - Scripture calls us to pray and fast when we say a situation.  Fasting is all about creating an interruption to enter into a time of prayer and connection with God.

     Resources on fasting

FAMILY GATHERINGS - We want to gather together as a family.  To connect, to eat, to laugh, to dream, to share, to talk about what God is saying and doing.... together.  Sign up below for a family gathering; 8-15 people gathered in a home over a meal for a time of fellowship, some facilitated sharing and listening.  



Please select the date and location that fits best with you and your family.  Click on the Sign Up button to  view the details.  You will be able to indicate the number of people attending and which dish you are able to bring to the potluck.

No upcoming events at the moment
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