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Luke 5:16  But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

Quick Tips

(don’t worry about getting it right. just begin connecting to God, share your heart with him and be confident that what you think you’re hearing God say is enough to get you started. God wants to speak to you)

Set a regular time that works for you and place: (night?, day? walking, a chair in your home)

get a journal to record things God says to you (see journalling for more info)

Begin with thanksgiving for who God is and anything good things you notice happening in and around you  (don’t wait for perfection to celebrate the ways you are experiencing the goodness of God)

read a psalm or part of a gospel - thanking God for what it shows you of who God is or how he’s working in you and others

Hand to God any tensions, resistance or weights

Take time to rest in his caring for you and carrying these things

(worship music, stillness, walking can help here)

Ask God what’s on his heart for you.  listen and write down what you hear.

for your day.   listen and write down what you hear

Ask God to bring people and situations to mind: 

ask him what’s on his heart for those - listen and write down what you hear

talk to him about anything coming up today/tomorrow

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