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Prayer and Fasting

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As a church family, we want to continue to come before God with our current financial situations. As the board and church continue to seek out wisdom and direction, we know that we need God to move and guide us. On Wednesday, Dec 6th we are inviting you to create space to intentionally pray for our church and it's finances.

We are creating a few ways for you to do this

1) Intentionally set aside time to pray! Sign up for a specific 30 minute time slot to pray. Click HERE to sign up. We would love to see the day covered in prayer from 6am - 9pm that day. If a time slot is already full, that's okay, mark it in your calendar anyways and be intentional. We just want people to be intentionally praying as part of this day.

Scroll down to see the prayer prompts and guide to help you as you pray

2) Consider fasting. This could look different for folks. For example...

- skipping a meal and using that time to pray instead

- fasting from social media and your phone and using that time to pray instead

- fasting for the day

If fasting is something new for you or you are looking for tips and the heart behind this practise, check out the resources below.

3) Join us for a time of guided prayer during MORE worship on Wednesday Dec 6th from 6:30 - 7:30. We know there is power in coming together so join us for a time of worship and prayer as a family.


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