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December 22, 2022 Advent Reflection

December 22, 2022

Read: Luke 2:36-38 Not sure if you are like our group and wondered who is Anna? And why did Luke write about Anna. She was a minor character and yet she was still included in the birth of Christ story. What was her importance, what should we take away from her story? How did her life change? Here are some of our thoughts:

  • It reminds us of Conversations with our seniors. Like Anna, they can share their wisdom and stories/testimonies with us. We can learn from their experiences.

  • Anna was very old and yet she never lost hope of seeing the Messiah And never left the temple - that's a long time

  • Anna reminds us of a woman at the well... She went and told others.... She knew the news was not just for her

  • Who did she tell and what did it sound like?

  • Anna waiting was like us waiting for Christmas

  • Anna was bold coming forth and telling everyone. Boldness is a reminder that we need to share the good news.

Lord, we pray that during this Christmas season we can be more like Anna; never losing hope and waiting patiently. No matter what we are waiting for, Christmas morning, family time, vacations, medical tests, procedures, news, that we will wait with hope and great expectation. Lord, would you help us to see and act on opportunities to listen and learn from our elders. We also ask for more boldness like Anna. Boldness to speak about our stories, and experiences and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Submitted by the Thursday Night Bible Study


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