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Calvary Together @ Silver Lake

Updated: May 30, 2023

Calvary Together at Silver Lake Camp - Saturday August 5th will be a great day to bring yourselves and your kids up to Silver Lake for a jammed packed day of camp! Details are still being worked out as we see who is interested. There will be a very minimal cost to the day to cover dinner and to bless the camp. To give you a rough idea of the flow of the day we are thinking:

  • 9AM - noon - arrival/ games/ session & worship

  • noon - picnic lunch

  • 1PM - 5 - session & worship, games and camp activities, water activities,

  • 5PM - dinner together (made at camp)

  • 6-9PM - Campfire, vespers

We are simply trying to get a sense of interested folks at this point so we can continue to plan what this day can look like.

Can you take a peek at your calendars, have a chat with your households and let me know if this is something you are pondering. A formal rsvp is not necessary yet but it would be helpful to know if people are:

  1. Definitely in!

  2. Interested but not sure yet

  3. Definitely out

Please informally rsvp so I can keep the appropriate people in the loop. Thanks all - I am looking forward to seeing what the summer holds for Calvary Together!!


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