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2024 Youth Missions Team

Updated: Feb 27

Hey fabulous missions team! Here's a page where we'll keep some helpful info posted for you! Scroll through for some dates, fun bios, and a start at a packing list and a list of what we will be doing! Worth the read!

Check out the upcoming important dates - mark your calendars!


  • we want to stick with one checked bag (max 50lbs!) and one carry on backpack per person. The backpack will act as your daypack during the days.

  • passport, insurance papers, ticket? (not sure of what form these will come in yet - tbd)

  • light/compact sleeping bag or blanket. They will provide a pillow, fitted sheet & top sheet. Take something you can fit in your suitcase -e want to stick with one checked bag per

  • water bottle

  • sunscreen

  • hat

  • mosquito repellent (it is really buggy this time of year!)

  • toiletries (remember keep it simple!) - yes there are showers!

  • towel (and cloth?)

  • necessary meds

  • if you were contacts, consider bringing glasses as a back up?

  • notebook/journal & pen

  • Bible

  • small flashlight (or we can ensure a few are dispersed)

  • work gloves?

  • spending money (USD) for travel days & free day & love offering money (more on that later)

  • personal travel items - book, headphones, etc for passing time, quiet time

  • phone? - if you want to bring your phone for your music, travel times, camera, games, etc that's up to you but remember we are travelling. You wont have access to wifi on your devices. Chose accordingly.

  • do NOT bring your most prized possessions or expensive items. we will. be travelling and susceptible to loss, misplacement, theft, etc.

  • travel snacks/food - airport food can be expensive. if you want to keep your costs down, pack some snacks.

  • special / extra food - if you have some special diets or selective eater, etc consider bringing some extra foods/snacks (ex protein bars, granola bars, fruit to go, etc).

  • clothing

    • weather: high of 30/ low of 19; can get chilly in evenings. not rainy season

  • A suggestion of what to wear on travel day

    • pants, good running shoes (that you can use later in trip for walking/hiking), tshirt and sweatshirt.

    • Ideally we keep winter coats with our drivers

    • travel hack - pack a pair of underwear or one set of clothes in your carry on pack just in case.

  • An suggestion of what clothing to pack:

  • 3 pairs of (long) shorts or capris

    • All shorts must not be short; keep them long: mid thigh or to knees.

    • If wearing legging type shorts, wear a long tshirt over top

    • Err on the side of longer and modest (cultural)

    • Include one that you dont mind getting dirty, painty

    • If you wanted to have one pair that was normal length but not still not short bootie shorts, you could war that pair around the base and/or free day. And then just have 2 pairs for outreach/ministry.

  • 2 pairs of long pants (wear one on travel day, bring one more; (may want to include one pair of sweat pants, chill pants etc for around the base in evenings)

  • 4 t-shirts (plus one to wear on travel day)

    • no low cut

    • avoid super tight

    • no inappropriate slogans

    • include one you dont mind getting dirty/painted

  • 2 long sleeve/sweatshirt (wear one travelling)

  • 1 church outfit

    • skirt or dress for ladies, to knee or below and top/tshirt

    • pants for guys, nice tshirt/shirt

  • Underwear/socks (7-8)

  • pajamas (it can get a bit chilly in evenings and we wont have a ton of blankets)

  • 1 pair of sandals/flip flops/slides

  • 1 pair of runners or “tennis shoes”- that could be used for everyday walking, free day hiking, and work projects

    • you could bring an extra pair of shoes for work project, everyday, etc. if you didn't want to wear your good runners everyday.

    • remember our free day involves lots of walking and hiking. Don't need mega hiking shoes but definitely solid shoes. Don't get new shoes just before you go!

  • Bathing suit if we go to beach.

    • Gals wear one piece or sport 2 piece; bringing tank top over top helpful too for walking around.


Use the schedule listed below to pray for the team specifically each day.  Pray for our various outreach opportunities and also the session/worship/community times we will have in the evenings (or afternoons). Pray God does amazing transformation work THROUGH us but also IN us throughout our journey and adventure each day. Each day there is a specific declaration to pray over the day and team.

Pick a couple participants to pray for specifically as God puts them on your heart! (Scroll down for the team bios/names).

Specific Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for travel logistics, safety, smooth flights, travel jitters/anxious travelers

  • Pray for health (physical & emotional) and safety.

  • Pray for our community – team unity, connections, Spirit-filled conversations, rich friendships, joyful memories, patience, and grace.

  • Pray for the leaders to receive an extra measure of love, grace, energy, and wisdom.

  • Pray for the YWAM staff and partners we will be working with in their ongoing work that the team may be a blessing to them.

  • Pray for significant ministry moments (both to, from, and for the youth/team) that will transform hearts and lives!

Declaration to Pray

  • We declare lives will be changed from this experience - on the team, back home, and in Costa Rica.

  • We declare hearts will be turned to Jesus because of the impact of God through this team.

  • We declare God will use the unique gifts and talents of each member to demonstrate God’s love and care to those they encounter.

  • We declare Jesus’s name will be lifted high through humble acts of service, to signs & wonders, to powerful times of worship & family!

  • We declare young leaders will rise up into new confidence, giftings, freedom, and understanding of Jesus!

  • We declare the eyes and hearts of our team will be open as we humbly serve in a new culture and context.

  • We declare that the mission and impact of this team will not stop once they return to Canada.

  • We declare this team will overflow with God’s ABUNDANCE and LOVE and POWERand that they will leak, drip, and pour that abundance, love, and power unto those around them.

Schedule and Daily Prayer Declarations


  • Meeting up at church at 10:30/ Departing mid afternoon

  • We declare God’s PEACE & FAVOUR in travelling.


  • VBS/ Kids ministry

  • Evangelism/ connection at local park/soccer field (play, connect, distribute bibles) 

  • Team Time (worship, small groups, etc)

  • We declare God’s COMFORT & SENSE OF “HOME” over the team as they settle into their new space, community,routine.


  • Church, sharing in service, help with kids ministry at church

  • Rest and Team time

  • We declare that there will be POWERFUL ENCOUNTERS as the team worships and allows God to surprise them.


  • YWAM Base Projects

  • Helping with English Classes, adult community program, more kids ministry

  • We declare God’s BOLDNESS & COURAGE will fill the team as they connect/pray with people in San Salvador


  • Feeding Program & Community Projects (roofing, painting, cleaning)

  • Treasure Hunt (prayer ministry activity)

  • Team Time

  • We declare God’s JOY & LOVE to overflow from the team to the children and people around them.


  • Feeding Program & Community Projects cont’d

  • Finish Base Projects

  • Team Time

  • We declare God’s STRENGTH & PERSEVERANCE will empower the team to continue the good work God has for them.


  • Hiking at Santa Ana Volcano

  • Lunch and Play and fun at Lago de Coatepeque

  • Wrap up, Pack up

  • We declare this day will be filled with God’s JOY & DELIGHT & BEAUTY!


  • head home - early departure! 

  • Home late aft/early eve

  • We declare God’s PEACE & FAVOUR in travelling and that the impact of the trip is LASTING & leads to MORE!

TEAM BIOS Check out the amazing team of youth and leaders from our church and beyond who are heading to San Salvador, El Salvador over March Break to serve, share the love of Jesus, learn, and adventure together!


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