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Refugee Settlement

Have you ever wanted to make a difference but thought “What can one person do?”. 


In 2015, in response to the huge wave of refugees caused by the war in Syria, Calvary began sponsoring Syrian families to come to Canada.  The settlement of refugees aligns with God’s heart and we’ve seen His abundant provision.  We have made a difference in the lives of 35 refugees…so far!  Please pray for our committee, the refugees we have helped settle and for the safety & provision of refugees across the world.


In order to protect refugees who arrive in Canada, the government is now requiring sponsors to raise funds in advance, prior to the application even being submitted.  Application approvals can take 3-4 years.  If you share our heart for refugees and would like to contribute financially, there are several venues to donate to the Calvary Refugee Fund.


We have recently welcomed Maysa and Mohammad's family to Canada.  We are awaiting application approvals for a Syrian family of 3 (application submitted in 2021) and a Somali family of 8 (application submitted in 2022).

Alia Jan 2016.jpg
Douaa 2019.jpg
Mahmoud April 2018.jpg

 2016: Alia, Diyaa, Ibrahim 

 2018: Mahmoud, Nour, Jinan, Haifaa 

 Date 2021: Douaa, Ahmad, Kholoud, Jod, Maria, Omar 

Maysa & Mohammad.jpeg

 Date 2022: Mohammad, Amal, Abdel Rahman, Yazan, Maysa 

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