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Youth Missions Trip 2024

Updated: Jan 25

We are so excited to be sending a team of 23 to learn, serve, and minister in San Salvador, El Salvador! International missions trips have been a vibrant part of Calvary over the years and we are pumped that after the pause, due to the pandemic, we are stepping back into this opportunity. We know it's a time where our team experiences fresh experiences with God, gains new perspectives and culture, grows together as family, is empowered to serve and use their gifts, and creates incredible memories along the way. We are happy to have some youth from other churches and communities as well.

WHEN? March 8 - 15, 2024

WHERE? San Salvador, El Salvador

WHY EL SALVADOR? I (Rhonda) wanted to return to Latin America as that's a great fit in travel logistics for us. We had a really positive experience with YWAM last year in providing not just opportunities to serve & do but also sharing a heart to create space for other forms of evangelism and ministry as well as valuing the personal transformation that happens for team members on these sorts of trips. After researching a few different locations in Latin America, this site seemed to have some really great ongoing community development work. It's also important to choose missions organizations that are seeking to empower those they are serving. We aren't coming in as 'fixers' from Canada, but coming to learn, love, serve, and come alongside. This ongoing sustainable development model was evident in the YWAM San Salvador base. After praying and talking with the site director, it felt like a great fit!


Here is a list of some of the things we will be doing thus far. Still working out some of the details...

  • Kids & Youth ministry

  • Helping & Supporting a local feeding program for kids

  • Helping with english classes

  • Community Projects (such as: painting, roof repair) & community visits

  • Bible Distribution/ Evangelizing with a local church community

  • Projects at YWAM base (such as creating a new bonfire space?)

  • Treasure Hunting (a fun prayer/listening opportunity)

Some of our other times will include:

  • worship & devotional times with YWAM staff

  • worship & small group times with just our team

  • hang times and fun!

  • free day excursion to Santa Ana (a hike up a volcano!) & Lago de Coatepeque (a lake and tourist area for dinner).

WHO? TEAM BIOS Check out the amazing team of youth and leaders! You'll see that we have more than just Calvary folks - we have been able to draw in participants from some other churches and ministries connected to our community! Get to know them and begin to pray for them!

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