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Women's Study

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hey Calvary Gals! Lorie and Cathy invite you to join us as we open the book of Hebrews together, read, discuss, question, pray together - all the good things that come out of meeting together and looking at scripture together. Our goal is not to just read this amazing account of Saviour Jesus, faith and perseverance but how do we actively live this out in 2022?

We will start Monday October 17th, 7pm in the library and we will meet every other week. This will take us through to early December. The only thing you need is your Bible, whatever version is your favourite, and maybe a notebook to jot down thoughts or revelations. If you have a friend you would like to invite, by all means do so! Before each session we will ask you to read a couple of chapters so that we can talk about any questions, aha moments, revelations, etc. from that. You can let us know if you can make it or just show up on Monday!

Dates and Passages in Hebrews:

Oct 17 1 - 4:13

Oct 31 4:14-7:28.

Nov 14 is 8-10:18

Nov 28 is 10:19-12

Dec 12 is 13

Cathy Linseman -

Lorie Silverthorne -


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