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Explore Issues of Race - Christian and Cultural Resources

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

As we continue to pray and think about race issues - we’ve compiled a list of resources (including for families), video discussions and a facebook challenge for prayer and reflection for this week. 

Steven Furtick with Pastor John Gray - Elevation Church

“We have to speak. We aren’t going to say everything perfectly, but in a season like this, silence is agreement.” Pastor Steven Furtick and Pastor John Gray sit down to have a conversation about race, privilege,

apathy, and what it will take to become the bridge to a better future.

Bishop T.D. Jakes & Pastor Carl Lentz: A powerful discussion on racism in America and the raw perspective from Bishop T.D. Jakes about what America needs to know and understand about the protests. He also shares practical actions that the black community needs and doesn’t need right now.

Bethel’s June 3rd Midweek Service: Eric and Candace Johnson speak with Donta Nelson, Tinasha LaRayé, and Jamila Page on living and raising children in predominantly white culture, the significance of understanding the African American story, and what they wish the Church understood about their culture.

Dr. Anita Phillips and Christine Caine: This is an insightful conversation on race and restoration in the body of Christ. Christine Caine joins Dr. Anita Phillips to discuss the psychology behind dehumanization and gives a Kingdom perspective on true unity.

Here’s what I know for sure: the best place we can be is on our knees, humbly asking Jesus to lead the way. Promising to do whatever Christ tells us as we seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God. Promising we will seek to have the mind of Christ, and to disrupt any and all oppressive systems of power with our prayer, preaching, and protesting.

Thanks to Adele Halliday for her vulnerable and profound article in Broadview, entitled, “What I need right now from white people,” and her admonition to the church to be prophetic: Pray. Preach. Protest (and repeat). Adele says, “I need our churches to not only pray on Sundays, but to also offer a prayer through a lifetime commitment to systemic change.”

Here’s what I intend to do.

Pray: Spend a week of Prayer + fasting from Monday June 8 through Sunday June 14. Join Daily Prayer for #BlackLivesMatter at 12pm EST.

Preach: Sunday June 14, preach specifically on anti-racism and racial justice.

Protest: Continue to organize, rally, and demand justice in the public arena.

Commitment to be anti-racist: to fight racism, wherever it is found, including in myself. Amplify, empower, and make space at the table for BIPOC voices. �

There is much to be done. Would you join for the week of prayer and fasting?

Here is a helpful blog roundup of issues and resources to discuss with children, families etc. Not a Christian resource but good source of family friendly links: (sources from NPR and Sesame Street)

“We can’t claim to understand the suffering of racial discrimination unless we’ve heard their

voices. In this week’s video you will hear the voice of a good friend of mine, a great man of God and a leader in my church, Craig Forbes.

Watch the video and let God speak to you about your prejudices and ask him how you can be part of the solution.


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