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Sunday March 28, 2021

Luke 19: 28-48

These verses in Luke are three “snapshots” that unfold as Jesus turns his face towards the cross. These are my reflections and thoughts as I pondered them.

Jesus Triumphant Entry - humility, riding on a donkey, no armour, no army, no warrior horse, yet Luke uses the word triumphant - a foreshadowing of his triumph over death?

Mount of Olives - where he would be betrayed and arrested.

Jesus sets his face towards the cross – towards Jerusalem.

Bethany - a place of sorrow where Jesus weeps at the death of his beloved friend Lazarus; a place of rest and fellowship as he finds physical restoration at the home of Mary and Martha; a place where Mary anoints him in the home of Simon the Leper with expensive perfume as an act of worship. He travels through that town I am sure remembering sadness, resurrection, fellowship and worship.

Mount of Olives - a place of joy and celebration as the people celebrate and proclaim him King

Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

In the midst of the Hosannas, Jesus grieves over those who are lost, whose hearts are hard and unyielding to His love, gentleness, wisdom and the witness of His power in his miracles. Today, in this time and space of 2021, as the angels celebrate and rejoice in Heaven over those who say yes to Jesus, He still pursues and weeps for those who refuse him. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, to reveal His Father’s heart for his people - and now his time on earth is coming to an end and even though He will defeat death, he still grieves for the city he loves.

Jesus clears the Temple

Jesus sweeps the temple clean of everything that defiles - that is taking the place of worship, prayer and speaking/hearing the Word. And then he speaks the Word in that place - in the time that he teaches, the Temple once again becomes a place where God’s word is read and heard. Instead of the hawking cries of vendors, the people hear the Truth and can physically see God’s presence in the Temple in the human form of Jesus - speaking His Father’s heart over them. And in this short space of time, it is the “common” people who keep the religious leaders at a distance. They provide a band of protection around his teaching as He is bringing a holy order and worship back into the Temple.

Jesus, your heart was focused on the joy of knowing that we would be yours – the joy of our salvation, and so Jesus you cleared the way to the cross - with humility, suffering and joy. This is hard for me to totally comprehend, but this I know - because of your great love Jesus and your great sacrifice - I stand before you - loved, treasured, and holy.

Submitted by Cathy Linseman


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