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Summer Camp Updates

Summer Camp is an important ministry and piece of our church family. Many of us are saddened and impacted by another summer without the usual summer camp activities for so many of our kids and youth. Each of the camps we work with have had to cancel or alter

their programs significantly. There still may be some opportunities for you to enjoy the spaces. Please pray for these ministries and those impacted (campers & staff) as they once again grieve the loss of a 'normal' summer, and also seek to pivot. Stay tuned for more concrete updates as they unfold. Check out some updates below... including some opportunities to engage this summer!

Leadership Development Camp - pending government approval, LDC (or LID Camp as its commonly known) is happening! July 4-18 we will be running a modified but awesome leadership camp! Stay tuned and please pray for Rhonda and the team busily working to make this camp a reality for 20 youth - including a number of our own from Calvary!

Silver Lake Camp - Not running usual overnight camps; pending government approval hope to be able to host/run a few specialized camps and provide opportunities for families to visit.

* Calvary goes to Camp - Conversations are still in the works to see what Calvary's time at SLC can look like! Talk to Kelly if you/your family would be interested. More details to come!

Ryerson Camp - Not running usual overnight camps; operating as a campground/host for families and individuals who want to enjoy the site and maybe even a little flavour of some camp programming! (And you'll catch a sighting of Aidan & Evan Maxwell too!). A great option for family camping! For more info check out

Conestoga Bible Camp - With some modifications to their summer scheduling, CBC will be running their day camp program. For more information check out


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