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Introducing Sozo to the Sozo-ee

Introducing SOZO to the Sozo-ee

Keep it brief

  • The first thing you see – sense – hear is the Holy Spirit (unless it is negative – God is never condemning or negative)

  • We expect breakthrough – God always shows up

  • Sozo isn't counselling

About the Process

  • Repeat the prayers

  • Like battleship – some might not be a ‘hit’ but ‘go with it’

  • Parents – we’re not saying they were ‘bad’ – sometimes misunderstandings have left wounds

  • 1st and 2nd may switch places

  • Confidentiality

  • Forgiving ≠ condoning

  • The 2nd will record all the good things God says

  • Forewarn about the clap

Questions for the Sozo-ee

  • Who were your significant caregivers (parents, grandparents, any others?)

  • What siblings… if any?

  • What would you like to leave behind today?


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