How To Use Zoom

We will continue to be providing opportunities via ZOOM video chat. We are learning the ins and outs along with you! Thanks for your patience and

a willingness to try! Let us know how we can help you! Here's some steps and tips.

TO SIGN ON there are two options

OPTION #1 - Click on the link provided in your email, social media post, etc. It should take you directly the room.

OPTION #2 - Open Up Zoom and join the meeting with the following info 

Meeting Zoom Room

Meeting ID: 510 817 6303

Password: e-mail for password

Prayer Zoom Room

Meeting ID: 3166328821

Password: e-mail for password 

Telephone Option

1. Call either: 1-647-374-4685 OR 1-647-558-0588

2. Enter the Meeting ID (or Room Number) and #

Meeting Zoom Room ID#: 5108176303#

Prayer Zoom Room ID#: 3166328821#

3. press # again to enter the meeting. 

  • You do not need to have a personal ID code, so just press # to enter the meeting

  • The connecting phone number is a TORONTO number. Please be aware if your phone plan has long distance charges for calling Toronto.

Note: sometimes you may get a specific link or password from a leader for an event, which may be different that the above general one.