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Every Disciple Sent

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Our friends & partners in ministry at Disciple a City have started an initiative called "Every Disciple Sent" whose heart is to equip churches, teams, and individuals across Canada to engage with the mission, power, and identity of Jesus by actively sharing their faith. Through events, training through schools & video series, and personal coaching, EDS is launching this May and you can be a part of it!

Calvary is already supporting this ministry through releasing Rhonda & Kelly to help with coordination of the coaching team. Some of our prayer team will be participating in the upcoming Peterborough event. And we'll be hosting a training school at Calvary for our region. And you can join in too - come attend the event on May 27-28 or the training school (June 7-11 evenings) or engage in the videos! We believe this is an exciting and important movement that Calvary gets to be a part of! Check out for more of the vision & videos Talk to Kelly or Rhonda for more details!


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