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December 8, 2022 Advent Reflection

December 8, 2022

Read: Luke 1:46-55

Women from our study group were invited to share their thoughts on Mary’s song from Luke 1:46-55. This is a compilation of that.

Upon hearing the news of her immaculate conception, Mary accepts the news giving glory and honour to God. She worships her God with all that she is - spirit and soul - and declares for all the ages who God is to her and who God is for all the generations to come - merciful, mighty, keeper of His promises. This whole passage is one of joy and thanksgiving!

How would you have reacted to the news? Would you have been accepting or questioning? "Why" have you chosen me? "What" exactly is going to happen? "How", "when" and "where" is it going to happen? Mary accepted the news with gratitude!

In spite of Mary being pregnant out of wedlock, her attitude is not one of shame, quite the opposite in fact. She says “everyone will know that I have been favoured and blessed”. She was not being proud or bragging in saying this. Pride is refusing to accept God’s gifts or taking credit for what God has done. Humility is accepting the gifts and using them to praise and serve God. She praises God, recognizes His holiness, grace and mercy for those that believe. We can learn from that. Sometimes in our belief, we might feel different from non-believers around us. We may fall into worldly ways instead of leaning on our faith…and sharing it!

Mary refers to herself as a lowly servant, not a rich wealthy wise woman who would be worthy and have the power and authority to be the mother of the Saviour of the world. God uses the humble, servant-hearted, ordinary person who is willing to let God work through their lives to accomplish His good and perfect plan.

Leanna Crawford has a beautiful rendition of Mary’s song called “Breath of Heaven”. What a beautiful picture this title paints of the conception of Jesus happening by the Holy Spirit breathing on Mary. Listen to it here

Compiled from The Monday Evening Ladies Group


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