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Advent Reflection for December 11, 2021

For me, Christmas has always been about the excitement of the season. As a kid, the excitement and anticipation about what was going to be waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning was often more than I could handle (and would lead to some pretty sleepless Christmas Eve nights, lying awake in expectation). But looking back, I OBVIOUSLY missed the point of what I should have truly been excited about. I should have been expecting SO MUCH MORE THAN PRESENTS!

Today, being the dad to 3 great kids, I STILL find myself still unable to sleep soundly on Christmas Eve in anticipation of THEIR excitement of what is to come. But, as my faith has grown leaps and bounds these last few years, I also find myself excited about my relationship with Jesus and how that is changing my life everyday. The old saying ‘ready, willing, and able’ has been top of mind lately. Without even knowing it, I was always READY for God to be with me and Holy Spirit has always been ABLE to make this happen. It was just a matter of that pesky little WILLING part. This Advent season, my excitement lies in my new found willingness to be filled with God’s Spirit so that He is in me and I in Him AND that I get to share this with others!

The best news ever is that Jesus came down from Heaven to be in each of us, and THAT IS EXCITING! Mary couldn’t wait to tell of the coming news of Jesus and like Mary, I pray that each of us are so moved by this news that we are ready, willing, able, and excited to tell others of Jesus too. How amazing is THAT?!?

Emmanual - God with us!

Written by Steve Gayman


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