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Brayden Boerner YWAM 2023

We want to highlight Brayden Boerner who's heading back to Hawaii with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) until the summer. This time he will be serving as a leader in their school of worship and will have the chance to serve that ministry as a staff as well as mentor and disciple other young leaders. This opportunity is such a wonderful fit for Brayden's passion for young people, worship, and equipping people to share Jesus with the nations! If you feel stirred to support Brayden financially (even as a staff/leader, he must raise all his funds for travel, housing, expenses) you can contact Brayden directly to arrange a direct giving or you can give through Calvary - simply note: Brayden Boerner YWAM in the notes section. Please join us as we pray for, celebrate, and send Brayden into this next chapter later this month!

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