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Advent Devotional 2023

Advent, like all seasons in the church calendar, is an invitation to a journey.

It’s the story of God interrupting history to love, heal, and save us from our brokeness Showing us that we’re not strong enough to win the day, but that he is. Advent reveals the true burning desire of God, his pursuing heart, his plan to meet us exactly where we are. In this story, our role is nothing more than to receive the magnitude of this loving invitation and give our yes in response.

In that spirit, Practising the Way has created a set of Advent meditations that will help you in your feeling, anticipating, listening, and ultimately receiving the wonder of this story, not only as an historical event 2,000 years ago, but as a perpetual, living invitation.

Advent starts the first week of December. We encourage you use this devotional guide this advent There is just one short devotional/meditation per week. You can download the devotional below or some printed versions will be available at the church office.

There's a few options on how you can use it:

  1. Use it in your personal devotional time

  2. Gather with some friends or existing small group and use the advent guide together

  3. During Tuesday's MORE worship time, we'll shape the time around the week's devotional. Come join for a time of worship, reflection and even sharing & prayer. In person or online from 6:30 - 7:30 starting Tuesday, December 5

  4. We are still working on the details of this one but consider coming early for church and gather in the library on Sundays at 9am to read and share the devotional together

Download PDF • 363KB

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