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Message from the Minister




Submitted by Rev. Drew Maxwell

                                  Pastoral Activities                             



Emilia Klassen and Mitchell Smith
Abbey Grabics and Curtis Abagi

In Loving Memory of…

Brian Alan Payson
Eric Hubert Hiltz
Georgina Alberta Harris


Official Board Report



Janine Armstrong (Vice-Chair), Steve Gayman, Jean Healy Martin (Secretary), Jane Herlick, Debbie Martin, Drew Maxwell, Donna McHardy (Secretary), Lorie Silverthorne, Terry Smith (Treasurer), Angie Tuffnail, Geoff Williams (Chair), Amanda Wood-Atkinson

Respectfully Submitted by Steve Gayman

on behalf of Calvary’s 2020 Board


Worship Ministry


                                Worship Leader's Report                   


Submitted by Dave Small

Director, Music Ministry

worship baptism.png
worship 1.JPG
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worship tech.png

                        Worship Planning Team Report                  







2021 Worship Planning Team: Janine Armstrong is stepping off of the Team, so we are looking for a new chair for this team. All other members are planning on staying on.

Submitted by Janine Armstrong,

Worship Planning Team Chair

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 7.01.00 PM.png

Family, Children & Youth Ministries


           Lighthouse Family and Children's Ministry              



family camp.JPG
family camp 2.JPG
family camp 3.JPG
  • Gerry Arcand

  • Jade Beitz

  • Trent Beitz

  • Amy Gayman

  • Kate Gayman

  • Doug Gielen

  • Marilla Gielen

  • William Henry

  • Nancy James

  • Emma MacLeod

  • Jean Martin

  • Olivia Martin

  • Quentin Martin

  • Tracy Maxwell

  • Grace McHardy

  • Trisha McLaughlin

  • Lisa Price

  • Amanda Wood-Atkinson

  • Braedan Smith

  • Megan Stickney

  • Dani Thomas

  • Angie Tuffnail


                                 Junior Youth                                    

The youth in grades 6, 7, 8 (‘jr youth’) are an important part of our church family.  On Sundays they engage in our Lighthouse Ministry with a  special format designed to pour into them as growing followers of Jesus and leaders.  Each week they engage as a small group together in their special jr. youth room, or they step into serving roles throughout the church.  Then once a month we gather together  to simply grow as a community and have some fun together!  

While some of these regular rhythms were interrupted this year, we have been so impressed with the resilience of our jr. youth!  


While both these structures looked different this year, we are still excited about the opportunities we had with this crew.  The Jr. Youth brought great insights, creativity, and contributions to our Lighthouse community in all the various activities and platforms from this past year.  We were also able to enjoy some fun connects over zoom, play mini golf, and have some times of games at the church over the course of 2020. 


Submitted by
Rhonda  Elgersma
(Director of Youth Ministries)

Kelly Beitz
(Director of Family and  Children’s Ministries)

jr youth2.JPG
jr youth.JPG
jr youth3.JPG

                                 Senior Youth                                    

We call our regular Sr. youth gatherings “HOME”.  We call ourselves HOME with the goal that our community would be a space that felt like a family. A place of belonging; a place where you are known.  Well, this year our HOME once again went through a few renovations!  But those elements of connection and belonging continued regardless of the platform and circumstances around us!  


HOME’s vision continues to seek to be a safe passageway for youth to meet with and encounter the love and transforming freedom of Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit through community, memorable experiences, worship, growing, and serving.  


We continued to try new ways to make the online platforms work!  We ended up finding some great tricks and tools and had some rich times of fun and ministry online together.  From online worship stations to encouragement boards to hilarious games, we will have some good memories of our meeting together online.


All that to say we were so excited when we were able to start meeting together in person again!  Because of our size and space available, we could safely meet and enjoy time together! This was so needed and valuable!  We so loved being back up in the youth room, playing and worshipping together in the ‘living room’.  Even with masks and distancing, it was simply good to be able to pursue God together again and be together in the same space!  


This year crew has been a small but faithful - to each other, to the community & church, and to their journey with God.   I can’t imagine navigating this year with a group as willing and gentle as this crew of sr.youth.  They were so gracious as we navigated pivots and protocols and had to try out new things and strategies together (a few times!).  They carry such joy and enthusiasm!  


Some special highlights this year included: 

  • Creating a virtual youth room and utilizing ‘gathertown’ (an online platform) to run youth group in a way that felt more organic and natural.  

  • The Chosen - we enjoyed watching and discussing Season 1 of The Chosen throughout the year.

  •  Outdoor adventures including tobogganing in the church parking lot, a beach day, campfires, and outdoor movie nights.

  • Donut Deliveries - to encourage our youth to “do-nut be discouraged” 

  • Online student led bible study

  • Returning back to in person meetings after a time away online, we loved getting to reconnect back together in our youth room space.  

  • Innovation of finding silly and socially distanced games and ways to have fun together!

  • Leadership Development Camp - five of our sr youth were able to participate in the LDC summer program and what a joy it was to see them shine and how that strengthens our youth ministry as a bonus fruit!

  • Outreach opportunities in the church (baking cookies, making a meal) and outside the walls (serving at St.Jacobs Halloween event)


We were blessed to have Jordan Vogt serve as a student leader and co-op student earlier in the year!  Jordan jumped into a few different areas in church ministry - outreach, worship, and youth!  She helped run a 3 week small group in March called “Jesus is…” and helped with the leadership of weekly youth group.  Thanks Jordan!  


A special thank you to our awesome volunteer team (Jamie Connelly, Kaylie Wolfe, Simon MccKenzie, & Emily Cowley) along with the partnership & support of Kelly Beitz and other members in our church family.   And an extra thank you to our youth for being so resilient and hanging with us this year.  I am so proud of you.  I know it was difficult sometimes when you got tired of all the screens; or when we returned to in-person but maybe not all of us were able to join – it’s been challenging.  But I am so impressed in how you have pressed through – in your own ways. Thank you for the ways you made space in your life and home for your HOME crew and Jesus community!  


God has amazing things in store for all our amazing youth

and we celebrate them!


Submitted by Rhonda Elgersma

Director of Youth Ministries

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sr youth2.JPG
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sr youth6.jpeg
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sr youth(1).JPG
small group.png

Small Group



We are so grateful for the ways we saw community, connection, and family remain strong and valued this year! While the concept of community was once again challenged, we continue to hold true to the scripture in Hebrews 10…

“Let us discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing beautiful works as expressions of love. This is not the time to pull away and neglect  meeting together, as some have formed the habit of doing. In fact, we should come together even more frequently, eager to encourage and urge each other onward… “ (TPT)

This year of 2021 allowed for both online and some return to in person groups and gatherings.  While we highlight some of the formal small groups below, we know there were many other community connections happening – from 2by2 friendships (prayer partners), to regular phone calls, to bible study gatherings.  We know we are called to walk together and so we celebrate all the ways that happened this year!

Women’s Group – Three sessions/studies took place over this year.  While gathering online may have felt like an obstacle at first, these Monday nights have been so full and rich! Each session engaged 15-25 women!  Using different teachers and study resources, the women would spend time sharing goodness, watching a video study, and in breakout groups for discussion & prayer.  The studies included: Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldrege, The Belonging Project by Amberly Neese, and The Church of Small Things by Melanie Shankle.  Thank you to Lorie Silverthorne & Cathy Linseman for their leadership and shepherding of this beautiful ministry!  

Men’s Group - This year brought new life and growth for our men’s ministry at Calvary!  In the winter/spring, on Tuesday nights a group of men would gather (online) to connect and grow in their faith.  They used a video study by Andy Stanley called 90. A Journey through the life of Jesus. 

In addition to this online study, the men were able to organize 3 outdoor gatherings to foster community and fellowship together!  Thank you to the leadership of Steve Gayman, Brian Tuffnail, Orville James, and Drew Maxwell!  

Digging Deeper Group – This group ran twice (for 6-8 weeks each) this year to provide an opportunity for people to explore their faith and connect together.  Using Sunday sermons as the launching point, these groups fostered great growth and community!  Thank you to Andrew & Amanda Atkinson for their leadership in this group and their hearts for community opportunities!

Running After Group – One of the words over our church is that it is a place that ‘raises up big people’. We each have powerful giftings, purposes, and callings on our life and God wants us to step into them. This group gathers for 3 sessions (and follow up meetings) to help people build up their confidence in their IDENTITY and DESTINY through simple tools, reflections, and encouragement. We are excited for these opportunities to help people run after who and what God has called them to!  Thanks to Janine Armstrong, Amanda Atkinson, and Rhonda Elgersma for helping lead two groups through this journey this year!

The Chosen Study – The Chosen is a powerful TV show/series about the life of Jesus. Through online watch parties, a group gathered to watch and then discuss an episode of season 2 for 8 weeks.  Whether you’ve known the Bible stories your entire life or were just learning, The Chosen provides fresh and thought provoking perspectives on the life of Jesus and the people around Him. A big thank you to TerrySmith for his leadership, passion, and coordination of all the elements of this group! (and for setting us up to get to enjoy the Chosen Christmas Special together too!)

Elements - This 3 session group was designed as a great introduction for those new to Calvary, new to faith, or wanting to connect in more with the Calvary leadership and community.  Each week we highlighted core cultures and elements of the heartbeat of the church!  A great way to engage and step into more!  

Leading & Living Healthily - Over 3 weeks, the group dove into some important kingdom principles around healthy relationships.  Using Danny Silk's "Keep your Love on" we explored topics of connection, communication, and boundaries. 
Alpha - Alpha is a world renown course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks, videos, and discussions.  For 8 evenings this fall, 12-15 folks gathered at the church to learn and share together.  Whether these were reminders of foundational truths or digging deeper for the first time, it provided a space for genuine discussions and connections (and laughter!).  

Some other gatherings this year included: a mental health webinar led by ministry partner and professional Ann-Marie Covert from MyMindJoy; and some family events including an online trivia time, and outdoor interactive worship times.  

Submitted by Rhonda Elgersma

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small group2.JPG




                                 Local Ministries                               







DTK - Downtown Kitchener Ministries





Some ongoing donation requests include:

• adult sized hats • mitts • gloves • scarves • razors •  toothbrush • travel-sized (hotel sized) hygiene items including • shampoo • conditioner • soap • toothpaste •  deodorant  • 

Ray of Hope



The team: Barb King, Marg Scheid, Wendy Krieck, Jean Martin, Lorie Silverthorne, Brenda Tithecott and Cathy Linseman

Submitted by Kelly Beitz

Directory of Outreach

Youth and Young Adult Leadership Development Program


equip running.jpg
equip mentor.png
  • text

  • text


Submitted by Rhonda Elgersma

Director of Youth and Youth Adult Leadership Development

Refugee Settlement Committee


(Jean Healey-Martin, Lorie Silverthorne, Highview Community Church, Central Church)






Bid For Freedom logo.jpg


Submitted by Lorie Silverthorne

Refugee Settlement Committee chair

                                International Ministries                     

Missionary Couple



Untitled design (5).png

Pastoral Care





Submitted with gratitude,

Mary Jane Schenkel, Cathy Linseman, Rev. Drew Maxwell





For many years now, Calvary has pursued one of God’s callings for the church: to be a house of prayer. We celebrate the various opportunities for people to both receive prayer and also give the gift of prayer.  We know our prayers are powerful and effective and love seeing how God has used our various prayer ministry teams and tools to provide vision, direction, healing, unity, encouragement, and comfort.  

We’re so grateful for those who set aside time to listen and to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as in heaven. 

Thursday and Friday morning prayer times continued online or in person as possible. Through many rich prayer times, both groups grew in interceding for our church family and for God’s heart for our town, our region and the world. 

Sunday morning prayer ministry continues to be an important part of our worship times. We know the opportunity to receive a blessing, impartation, or simply have our petitions and praises released alongside someone else is powerful and important as a body. Thank you to our extensive prayer ministry team and a special shout out to Lorie Silverthorne for administering this team so that each Sunday prayer can be offered in person and online! 

MORE worship & prayer on Facebook twice a week provides a space for not only music and worship but also for people to share petitions, words of encouragement, prophetic declarations, and scriptures to the others joining! It has been beautiful see people minister to one another in prayer in that space! 


Submitted by Rhonda Elgersma

                                     Prayer Chain                               



Submitted by Sharon McKay

Prayer Chain Co-ordinator


“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy…” (Psalm 103:2-4)
“The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” John 10:3

The Greek word ‘sozo’ means to save, deliver, make whole or restore, heal, be whole.  To describe SOZO in just a few words, we could say that it is a ministry of healing, freedom and restoration.  The team of prayers listen to God’s prompting as to how to pray and uses tools that the attendee then can use themselves to listen to God’s voice. We have seen the power of forgiveness and the joy of freedom. Hearing the shepherd’s voice will lead you out of whatever has penned you in. Sessions can be booked through

We were able to facilitate a few sozos this year, primarily online.  We are grateful the power and love of Holy Spirit can move over zoom!  

Thanks to our sozo team: Drew, Ian, Dave, Phil, Donna, Sharon,

Karen, & Rhonda

Submitted by Rhonda Elgersma

Sozo Banner.png






Submitted by Donna McHardy

for the McLibrary Team (Ian, Donna and Kate)!


Ministry &














Submitted by Angie Tuffnail

Chairperson, Ministry and Personnel Committee




                               Trustees Report                                 




Trustees:   Frank Kleinknecht, Larry Hellerman, Sharon McKay

                                Property Committee                         




Submitted by Dale Schieck

Property Chair





Submitted By Bill Schenkel

Untitled design.png

2020 Financial



Submitted by Terry Smith



AGM Minutes
Feb 28, 2021


Calvary United Church, St. Jacobs Annual General Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 28th, 2021


Meeting commenced at 11:45, via zoom.
Meeting was chaired by Janine Armstrong
Attendance: 58 participants including 10 Board Members and 4 Staff


1.   Welcome (Janine): A reminder that God is good, and has been faithful throughout this time. Thanks to all who contributed to the Annual Report.​

2. Technical and logistical walk through (Rhonda):

  • Avoid chat during meeting other than specific times

  • An explanation of how “break out” rooms will work

  • An explanation of how voting will work with the “poll” feature

3. Motion: Vote #1: That adherents who contribute regularly to the support of the congregation may vote on motions brought forward at this meeting.  Motion: Janine Armstrong, Seconded: Brian Tuffnail, Carried

4. Goodness of God/Celebration/Dreaming (Jane and Amanda):

  • What and where is God calling you to be awakened?

  • What is something you want to participate in, and in so move us forward

  • Referred to Ephesians 3:20: Now all glory to God, who is able, through his might power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

  • Recap of the dreams and visions from last year’s AGM and highlighting how many have come to fruition.

  • Formation of many small groups

  • Prayer for the village

  • Prayer in the park

  • Mobile encounter services happening through technology

  • Partnering with other churches (Highview) with the refugee settlement committee

  • Dreams for our building, cleaning and tidying up rooms, LED lighting installed Use of property expanded as in the Drive-thru Christmas service and lighthouse scavenger hunt,

  • Outside the Box in working with other churches, such as Braeden attending YWAM, more original music, prayer for the Nations, live streaming and recording of services

  • More Mission and Outreach programs have taken off (ex. DTK)

  • 20th Anniversary Celebration of being in the new building looked different than past celebrations but still beautiful with many video testimonies from the members of the Church involved with the decisions at that time

  • Break Out Rooms:

o  Kelly divided people up and sent them to different rooms on zoom.

o  In each room, a Board member recorded the visions and dreams of people in that room:

- What is Calvary’s vision and dream for the next year?

- What is Calvary’s vision and dream for the next 5 to 10 years?

o  Notes were to be sent to Jane who will summarize and record


5. Staffing Update: Angie Tuffnail, M&P Chairperson

  • Over the past year, there have been 2 new positions developed and made permanent:

o  Director of Outreach (Kelly) at 10 hours
o  Director of Ministries (Rhonda) at 15 hours
o  2020 – the Church came in under budget as Marianne had resigned in April
o  Suggestion to motion to strike a search committee to begin the process to hire a second full time pastor


  • Discussion:

o Question about the need for a joint needs assessment; answer is “no”
o  A community of faith profile has already been done so Regional Council has an idea of what our Church community can support
o  Angie will inform our Regional Council Rep. of our congregation’s desire to hire a 2nd pastor
o  A search committee would then be formed
o  The Regional Council Rep. comes and does training with the committee o Advertising would be on the Church hub
o  This would be a new position and would not impact the current positions o Question about a job description for the new pastor
o  Angie stated the role would be partly pastoral care and leading of small groups, but that was yet to be determined
o  Suggestion that the motion be to hire someone for up to full time, depending on the candidates and their strengths applying for the job
o  Question was raised if the staff was feeling stressed and therefore necessary to hire a 2nd person, as it seemed with Rhonda and Kelly, Drew was receiving additional assistance
o  Noted that Drew was not preaching every Sunday
o  Angie clarified that the 2 new positions (Director of Outreach and Director of Ministries) had been brought in by the Visioning Committee based on what they heard God calling Calvary to be and to do: Light on the hill, and a House of prayer

o  Those positions widen our ability to go out from the building into the community and the world around us

o  From a budget perspective, Angie reported those new positions combined are 25 hours, so a half-time position

o  We still need a 2nd pastor
o  Drew is responsible for much more than just Sunday messages

o  Grace noted we do not want our staff to burn out, so have to have enough staff for the workload

  • Motion: Vote # 2: That we strike a search committee to begin the process of hiring a 2nd Pastor (up to full time). Motioned: Angie Tuffnail, Seconded: Christine Rose, Carried


6. Review of Annual Report (Geoff)

  • Reminder it is posted on-line

  • Motion: Vote #3: To adopt the February 2020 AGM minutes as published.

    Motion to accept: Debbie Martin, Seconded: Jeff Martin, Carried

  • Motion: Vote #4: To adopt reports as submitted in the annual report for 2020

o Theme of how things didn’t stop due to the pandemic
o Encouraged to read through this report and see all the great things that did happen
o Motion to accept: Cathy Linseman, Seconded: Mary Jane Schenkel, Carried

  • Motion: Vote #5: To accept committee member nominations including the official board nominations as outlined in the annual report ( with amendment of additional incoming board members). Motioned: Angie Tuffnail, Seconded: Debbie Martin, Carried


7. Ministry Reflections (Drew):

  • Recognition of how much has happened: marvels at the skills and gifts of this


  • Acknowledgement of what hasn’t happened due to the pandemic, such as gathering for celebrations, saying good-bye to Marianne and Chris, or others who have passed away

  • Recognition we do not feel as connected

  • Prayer: Grateful for the community of Calvary and thankful for what we have been able to do in these different times.

o  Recognition that You, God, are with us in our loss and grief
o  Prayer for those who have lost loved ones
o  Honour and praise that we can walk through this with Your love

  • God calls Calvary to be a place where people can come to be healed, to discover gifts, to help people use their gifts

  • FREE: God’s word over Calvary is freedom: Found, Restore, Empower, Engage


8. Financial Report (Terry):

  • Referenced Philippians 3: 12-14 MSG - ...I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward – to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

  • Prayer: Grant us peace and understanding, as well as discernment in the decisions we make as we run after, and partner with God in Calvary

  • 2020 Financial Basics:

o  Year end surplus was $3,224
o  Operating fund as of Dec. 31, 2020 was $(7,199)
o  Total surplus over the past five years was $24,248.

  • Digital contributions increased in 2020

o  Cash dwindled to 2%
o  PAR went up to 42%
o  Electronic deposits grew to 25%

  • All costs were less than previous years except administration, due to technology

  • Cash position has improved from 2019, in part due to the CEBA loan from the Federal Government.

o  The interest rate is zero until Dec. 31, 2022.

o  As long is the balance is paid by Dec. 31, 2022, $20,000 is forgivable

  • The other main source of cash is the givings being held for the Settlement fund

    which increased over the year by $30,000.

  • Capital outflows included some technology upgrades and LED lighting

  • Motion: Vote # 6: To approve the financial statements for the year ended Dec. 31,

    2020 as presented in the annual report. Motion: Terry, Seconded: Janine, Carried

  • Motion: To approve the 2021 budget

o  Discussion: does not reflect hiring a new pastor as that will come before the congregation for a vote at the appropriate time

o  Board is proposing a decrease from the 2020 plan of 2.9%
o  This is not reflective of Covid but rather the current composition of the Ministerial team
o  Total Operating budget being proposed is $396,559, not $375,936 as shown on the bar graph.
o  Reduction of the budget by $11, 941 from 2020
o  Janine: reminder that when we vote we take on ownership and must ask what is my role in this for 2021?

▪ Budget is a reflection of the goals and dreams we have for Calvary

o  Question concerning the affordability of a new pastor, should we be asking for financial commitment from members?
o  Terry responded that as the Search Committee goes forward, there will be another vote with the congregation for the added cost at that time
o  Terry has not put forward a budget increase for the second pastor yet

o Vote # 7: Terry motioned that we approve the budget, Seconded: Linda Cress, Carried

9. Honouring and Thanks (Debbie): Referenced Hebrews 4:16, ...we come freely and boldly to the throne of grace....

  • God has been with us and given us mercy and grace

  • Recognizing the people of Calvary for their resilience; and honour the staff for their endurance

  • The Board of Directors for making quick timely decisions to support the staff

  • The countless volunteers helping to ease the flow with lots of behind the scenes support

  • Lastly: honouring the lovers of God for seeing their way through the rubble of what could have been Church this year, and finding Christ in the middle of what Church became

  • Prayer (Debbie): Thankful to God for providing a way to help those around us and to

    reach those in need

o Praying for wisdom and financial resources for this coming year

  • Resilience, Endurance, Decisions, Ease, Seeking, Finding

● Motion to adjourn the meeting by Quentin Martin, seconded by Jordan Vogt, Carried

Janine Armstrong, Vice-Chairperson: ____________________________________________________

Jean Healey-Martin, Secretary: _________________________________________________________


Committees, Coordinators & Nominations for 2021

We are grateful for the many names and volunteers who have served our church family in so many ways. Many have been celebrated in the previous reports and there are many more! Even while some of our teams weren’t able to function in the same capacity this year, we thank all our teams and volunteers.  A special thank you to those who served in 2020 and have stepped down from their role this year.  (Additionally If one of these areas below jumps out to you, please contact a church staff member. We have some gaps that need to be filled. Learn more at the upcoming AGM.)

We honour the work of the various leaders in all aspects of our church family. Here’s a look at some of the committee teams & coordinators for the 2021 season. While these names represent larger teams of people, you can use this as a helpful list to reach out to the appropriate point persons and lift them up in prayer! 

(Further updates & official nominations/voting for board roles will be presented at the upcoming AGM)

*denotes chairperson

Official Board

  • Geoff Williams, Terry Smith, Janine Armstrong, Debbie Martin, Jane Herlick, Jean Healey- Martin, Lorie Silverthorne, Steve Gayman, Amanda-Wood Aitkinson, and Drew Maxwell

Ministry & Personnel

  • *Angie Tuffnail, Mary Jane Schenkel, Steve Van Bruwaene, Dave Proulx


  • Treasurer: Terry Smith

  • Committee: *Terry Smith, Donna McHardy, Wendy Stirbet

Pastoral Care

  • Coordinators: Mary Jane Schenkel, Cathy Linseman, Drew Maxwell

  • Meals Ministry Coordinator: Amy McDougall

Prayer Ministry

  • Prayer Team: Lorie Silverthorne

  • Prayer Chain: Sharon McKay

  • Sozo Coordinator: Rhonda Elgersma (temporary)


  • Team: *Dale Schieck, Gary Melitzer, Dan Rose, Stephen Temple

  • Trustees: (tbc) - Drew Maxwell, Sharon McKay, Larry Hellerman, Frank Kleinknecht

  • Cemetery: Bill Schenkel (stepping down), Gary Melitzer, Keith Martin

  • Garden Care: Wayne Donald (looking to step down)

Special Events Committee

  • *Dorothy McMillan, Bruce & Donna Dammeier, Bev & Barb Bowman, Donna Taylor, Ray Clement


  • Coordinator: Donna McHardy


  • Coordinator: Dave Small

  • Planning team: Dave Small, Kelly Beitz, Cathy Linseman, Jane Herlick, Ian McHardy, Amy McDougall, Drew Maxwell, Rhonda Elgersma, Amy Gayman (chair pending)

  • Media Ministry Coordinator: Steve Morris

Children & Families Ministry

  • Coordinator: Kelly Beitz

  • Nursery Coordinator: Shannon Robinson

Youth Ministry

  • Coordinator - Rhonda Elgersma


  • Coordinator - Kelly Beitz

  • Refugee Settlement - Lorie Silverthorne

  • DTK - Katinka Gielen

  • Ray of Hope  - Cathy Linesman