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Christmas with
The Chosen

"The Chosen" is a multi-season series about the life of Christ. It's a powerful, creative way to learn and engage in the journey of Jesus!  There is a new Chosen Christmas Special coming out to theatres and churches and Calvary Church is hosting a viewing on December 11 at 7pm! It will include special musical guests, monologues, and a Christmas episode of The Chosen.  This event is open to anyone! Feel free to invite your friends and families to celebrate and share this good news!


The cost of the tickets are: 

$12.55 USD for adults (approx. $16.30 cdn)
$10.45 USD for youth (0-17) (approx. $13.65 cdn)
Book your tickets online here

If the cost of tickets would hinder you from joining us, please reach out to our staff or Terry at and we would love to help you be able to come.  


Tickets are to be booked online; but please reach out to our staff or Terry if you need help with that and we can make other arrangements to get you a ticket, paying cash, etc. 


More details on the event will be posted here as we work with "The Chosen" on this event.  

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