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Adventure 4 Kids SLC Fundraiser

Our friends and partners at Silver Lake Camp are organizing a fundraising opportunity and we are excited to jump in! We are organizing two teams/opportunities after church (12:00 - 1:00) on Sunday, Oct 1.

#1 - HIKE/WALK in St Jacobs. Join Gerry to enjoy a nice fall walk down the trails of the village!

#2 - CAPTURE THE FLAG at the church. Join Trent & Tori and play some epic rounds of capture the flag at the church!

PARTICIPATE ON A TEAM - Join the fun of one of the activities! Just get a sponsor (or two or three!) and enjoy some time with friends for a good cause!

DONATE TO A PARTICIPANT/TEAM - Make a donation to the cause!

We'll have a table in the foyer after the service or you can click on the links above!


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