While things still look a bit different, we get to continue to be the church

and long to keep pursuing all God has for us!

We have always honoured that worship looks different for all of us.  And in this season, some of us may continue to tune in online and over zoom, and others will resume to gather in person when permitted.  We are committed to provide opportunities for our church family to stay connect with each other and God.  Please reach out and let us help you if you have any questions!


Any in person gatherings are carefully and thoughtfully facilitated and follow the government bylaws and public health guidelines.  If you wish to read our complete re-entry protocols, please contact the office or contact us if you have any questions.

Sunday Worship

At this point, we will broadcast our services online.  The service begins at 10:00 and we encourage you to early/ sign in early to catch our pre-service announcements and welcome.


Online – Youtube link


Coffee Hour Time (after the service)

   - Zoom Link or Meeting ID: 519 664 2322 and Password: 5196642311

Online Prayer Room (after the service)

   - Zoom Link or Meeting ID:519 664 2311 and Password: 2311

Please scroll down for further instructions & tips on using zoom.

Calvary Kids and Families 

Contact Kelly for more information.

Calvary Youth

Contact Rhonda for more information.

Prayer and Mid Week Worship Opportunities

MORE Worship on Tuesday & Wednesday @ 6:30 pm on Calvary Facebook

Thursday Morning Prayer @ 6AM (on Zoom)

Friday Morning Prayer @ 10am (on Zoom)

Sunday Morning Prayer (11:30 - 12:00) in person & on Zoom


Other opportunities such as Prayer and Worship in St. Jacobs & Encounter Services also continue online.  Stay tuned to the webpage for up to date worship & prayer opportunities and details.

Pastoral Care

Contact Drew for Pastoral Care.

How to Use Zoom

Click here for Instructions on How to Use Zoom

Facility Usage 

To maintain a high quality of cleanliness and safety for its membership, Calvary is currently limiting the use of its facilities to church focused groups.  Rentals at this time will not be available to outside groups.